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Today I get on the plane and head for Tokyo. It feels like a century has gone by since I received the news from the JUSFC (June ’08) that I’d get this opportunity. I purposely waited this long so I would save some money, make enough contacts and be thoroughly prepared. I feel very prepared, except for the language study, which is terribly lacking. I’m a bit nervous (about the unknown!), but more excited (about the unknown!).  Please stay tuned for details, photos, videos, music and more on this blog.  I’ve got a lot of events (and non-events) planned.  Love and peace!



  1. Wishing you safe and happy travels, Jane. I am so thrilled for you and hope you have a soft landing and an easy transition.

    Love! Ophra

  2. I’m so glad you’re doing this blog. And much more glad you’re doing this amazing project.

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