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Ok, so I’m definitely NOT going to go hungry during the next 6 months.  You can’t walk more than 2 feet in this town and not see some enticing-looking restaurant to explore.  I was completely satisfied after a lovely meal of sashimi, stuffed to the brim, so we walked around the area after dinner and much to my surprise, I was greedily eyeing other places to go into NEXT time… I love to eat but this is crazy.  I could do nothing else but eat here. I feel like a greedy glutton.  I want it all.  It’s terrible.  I’m going to have to settle down and relax… perhaps I need to find more places like this to chill…

shrine on my way to the subway

shrine on my way to the subway

shrine on my way to the subway

shrine on my way to the subway

shrine on the way to the subway

shrine on the way to the subway

So I met my friends, Kevin and his daughter McKinny and we had a lovely time walking and exploring Ebisu…


The Red Carpet, just for us!


Next time we'll wear our gowns


Looking for the right shoes for Kevin


Ebisu Shrine


Purify yourself please


"Dad, if you ring that I'm leaving..."


I still can’t get over the fact that in the middle of the hustle and bustle there are places, sometimes off on a side street, other times right in the middle of a street, where you can escape to offer your prayer.  It’s a beautiful tradition.

Viewing the gorgeously shocking photos of Sebastião Salgado at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography today provoked so many reflections, among them:  his bravery and selfless work to document the struggles and pains of so many peoples of Africa; the abundance of love and beauty he managed to capture despite the obvious horrors; how oblivious I’ve lived my life to these horrors, as if they were never mine…


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