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Earthquake (no. 1)… at 4:30am… I jumped out of bed true to my California heritage, and stood in the doorway… Well, that’s what I was taught to do since I was little, only the only doorway in my small apartment here is a glass one, so maybe it’s not such a smart idea to stand there…?!  The tremor wasn’t so big, but my earthquake antennae are certainly very sensitive.  It’s ingrained in me now…

Yesterday I had a great time hanging out with the visual artist Tom Reyes.  He showed me a liquor store where you can buy your liquor, some snacks and they open it right there for you to enjoy… It’s a beautiful place.




like Spanish tapas! Beer, sardines, and "chips"...yummmm

well, sort of “Spanish”…add the chopsticks, and Wham! You’re in Tokyo…


Tom Reyes...knows how to have fun!

See the beautiful Sake label carvings at the top of the shelves?  They’re quite exquisite.

Right afterwards I went to a great venue:  Super Deluxe, where I saw my friends Shoko Nagai and Carl Stone perform with Toshimaru Nakamura… Super Deluxe Music and Musicians!  Sounds, time, space, colors…they managed to transform the space and time.  It reminded me of my talk with the Shakuhachi player Bruce Huebner only the day before about the “swishiness” of the beat… the elasticity of time…and how each moment is THE moment; this moment, the most important.


Toshimaru Nakamura, Shoko Nagai, Carl Stone


...making gorgeous music


Shoko's prepared piano


Shoko and I: purple twins

We’re not in NYC anymore!

Tonight, looking forward to more “1st’s” as I play with great musicians at LoopLine…Looking forward!


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