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Today was the celebratory day for children the ages of 7 (girls), 5 (boys) and 3 (both).  Children everywhere got all dressed up in their fanciest kimonos and other traditional outfits to celebrate …well… their growth! It’s stunning to see this overwhelming colorful display of beauty.  Every child was like a living Prince or Princess Doll. It was just a lovely to watch the adults venerating them.  Everyone was beaming.

So I might as well forget posting “firsts” for me, since every day will be a first of too many things.  But today was particularly special, dear and very anticipated: I’ve been waiting for 3 years to visit Oyasano, the foundation and home of Shinnyo-en, the Buddhist order I’ve belonged to since the summer of 2006.  Finally, this day came…. and it couldn’t have been a more spectacular day.  Due to respect, I have no photos of the temple, but I did take pictures of the shrine right next to it, along with a bit of the adjoining park…

I am so grateful for today, for the deep beauty I was honored to experience… stay tuned…I’ll be posting more info about my LoopLine performance experience soon…right now, I need to sleep…


Shichi-Go-San at a Tachikawa Shrine


Winner Chrysanthemums





an entrance


Archery Practice


picking up the arrows for a new round


sneak peek....


Another entrance


My Favorite time of year precisely for this reason...


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