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I had the most wonderful time in Gifu and Nayoga with my dearest friend, Shoko Nagai.  I will post mostly photos and less words… but I must preface by saying that I lost many photos and ALL documentation of my lecture at IAMAS by accidentally deleting the photos and video on my camera.  I can’t believe I did that.  Very disappointing, to say the least.  There is no actual documentation now of my lecture/demo, so you’ll have to take my word that it went well.  Everything ran smoothly (software-wise) and despite the shyness of students, their attentiveness moved me.  It was wonderful to be able to share my work with them and with Jean-Marc Pelletier who invited me.

The following photos (as well as the previous one) were taken at the Tokugawa garden in Nagoya. I apologize for the lack of formatting…still trying to figure out this blogging technique…

"Hello, do you have any food for me?" (rough translation)

slippery spots

Panoramic view

Shoko in Nature

Pink in Green



Everyone's favorite tree

Sharing the Beauty

the Favorite tree again...but a few minutes later...a new light every few minutes

My Japanese family: Shoko's Father and Mother

Enjoying a delicious Nagoyan speciality


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  1. oh, so nice…i am jealous of your lovely time. so nice to see shoko’s face too! looks amazing there…

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