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The arrival of the Full Moon marks my first month of being here.  The abundance of the moon, the lightness and the purity of it were completely reflected in each new day.  Amazingly enough, this week was so rich and so full, it was as if I lived 4 weeks…

The riches of this week kicked off, literally, with my first Aikido lesson.  The centeredness, the focus, the grace and deep, inner power in this art was apparent to me upon my first glimpse when I observed a regular class only the night before.  I now belong to the Aikikai Dojo, which happens to be the Head Quarters of Aikido, world-wide. People come from all over the world to train here and become Aikido masters.  It is only a 25 minute (brisk) walk from my home.  It is extremely exciting to begin training there. I’ve already had 2 classes, each one with very gentle, forgiving Sensei’s (I’ve joined the women’s class) and although I’m extremely sore, I look forward to recovering over the weekend and learning more about this amazing sport. Here is the link to the Dojo.

I also began private Japanese lessons with a very special woman named Mika Kimula who specializes in Japanese singing.  This wonderful opportunity to learn the language from a talented and special artist makes the whole process even more inspiring for me.

During this week I also had a rare opportunity to see an old friend, the great flutist Camilla Hoitenga. Below you’ll see some photos of the fun evening we shared together in Harajuku.  Furthermore, I was able to host for a few days, Jan Baker-Finch, a stunning Eurhythmist I had the honor of working with in Brisbane.  You’ll recognize her from my Brisbane posts below.  We had a cold but beautiful day in Kamakura with the extraordinary composer Hiroyuki ITOH. Between dashing into Shrines the three of us had a great time ducking into soba and coffee shops to warm ourselves up and talk about the concepts of creating difficulty in art, composition and performance.  We decided that talking was as inspirational as seeing enormously large and gorgeous Buddhas and mysterious Shrines.

But the pivotal moment came today, during my first Noh lesson.  Yes, I’m taking Noh theater lessons.  It came about quite suddenly and a bit unexpectedly.  Through friends, I was led to one of Tokyo’s premiere female Noh artists and teachers, Hisa UZAWA. It is a rare gift for me to be given the opportunity to study with Sensei Uzawa.  Right now, I’m at a loss for words to explain the transformation that occurred within me during the lesson.  Once some time passes for reflection, I will be better able to describe the lesson.  For now, I am certain that the rest of my experience now in Japan will revolve around these Noh lessons.  I firmly believe now I have found my true purpose for being here. I’m so grateful I found it within the 1st month of my trip.
In the meantime, while I gather my thoughts, here are some beautiful moments from this week… A rich, abundant, full week indeed!  Click on the photos below to see them larger… Enjoy!


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