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Here are some random photos and thoughts, people and places that surround me…from Park Protectors, Gaudí wanna-be buildings, Fox Tail and Teddybear charms to Gigantic Cutout Paper Lanterns, Calligraphy and inner-city murals…but the most significant was the recent visit of my dear friend from NYC, Deniz Asutay….

Protecting the Campus, on Waseda University

Gaudí-wanna-be... gotta love this building!

another angle

The Design 21-21 building: Tokyo Midtown

Deniz Asutay, happy happy happy...

One of 3 enormous, impressive, intricate Paper Lanterns, in the center of Tokyo Midtown

This one was the impressive!

The xmas tree is made from hundreds of tiny wooden Santa Claus'

Arriving at Shinjuku to a Japanese-style-gospel version of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"

This trinket on this guy's phone actually LOOKED like the guy, but I was trying to be discreet and not take the photo of him...

FoxTail Charm

Ok, so you didn't believe me, but even grown up business men have teddybear or doggie charms on their phones

Teddybears are popular

Enjoying a stunning and overwhelming Calligraphy exhibit

The wonderful artist Masae Suzuki showed me around

We talked about the link between sound and calligraphy, the flow, energy, balance...

...and I knew when I saw the one on the left, it was hers. Pure Poetry!

I love this mural!


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