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This week I am juggling between going to the great Kasuga Wakamiya On Matsuri festival held in Nara, and the SIGGRAPH multi-media conference in Yokohama.

The On Matsuri is more than 800 years old and you can read more about it here.  I will be joining hundreds of other tourists who will accompany the priests at midnight on the 17th to take the deity out from it’s shrine and bring it to a temporary shrine, where all day on the 17th performances will be offered in the deity’s honor.  The dancing, music, song, costumes and food offered are ancient rituals, precursors to Noh and many other performing arts here in Japan.

Then, on the 19th, I will perform my work (in progress)  inTouch for moving flutist, electronics and spatialization in Yokohama at the conference.  The conference center looks very impressive.  Several dear NY friends are going to be there too:  Zachary Seldess and Miya Masaoka… I’m very exciting about it all… here’s the info:




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