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This event was by far the most beautiful events I’ve ever attended; rich with ancient traditions, mystical music and inexplicable meteorological occurrences.  I will spend many hours reviewing the photographs and video, of the pre-procession and some performances to post here for you.  Further posts will explain the event with more detail as well as offer some personal insights.  However, I am getting ready for another trip up north to Niigata as I write this, so for now, I will merely post photos and a short video clip.  My traveling companion was Michele Kong, a visual artist and another 2009 JUSFC fellow.

on the train to Nara's OnMatsuri...

getting a glimpse of ancient structures

Some friends show up along the way

I’m already intrigued by the buildings in Nara

We arrived at the Torii on our way to the Kagura Wakamiya Shrine as people were practicing for the Processional

On our way, we came across the temporary space for the performances

The Otabisho is the temporary shrine they built for the Wakamiya Deity, which they take down at midmight from it's permanent location up in the mountain

A covered drum...intriguing...

As I walk towards the Shrine... I come across many beautiful sights...

walking closer towards the Wakamiya Shrine

getting closer to the Wakamiya Shrine

place your blessing, wish on the way


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