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The next day, Michele and I decided to visit the Todaiji (founded in 745) where the enormous Buddha resides.  It’s not as large as the Daibutsu in Kamakura, but certainly, just as impressive, as you can see.

impressed with the wooden structures upon entering the area of the Todai-ji (shrine)

The Daibutsu-den (The Great Buddha Hall)

The incense burner...with flutist!

Jane with the Dharma Flutist

The Daibutsu

A beautiful gong

A protector of the Buddha and the Dharma Stream

the other angle

the grand altar

eyes that see nirvana and all that is

hand, flower, lotus pedal, candle blowing

Deer and Lantern, seemingly posing for this shot

another photogenic one...

leaving Nara on the train...3 girls on their way home from school...


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