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While I continue to work on the video and music of the On Matsuri, I will meanwhile post photos and other materials from my inspiring travels throughout December.  After the On Matsuri, I traveled back to Tokyo, to perform at the exciting conference SIGGRAPH Asia 2009, a multimedia interactive conference. Several friends from New York and around the world were gathered here to show their latest interactive art projects.  Zachary Seldess who programmed my work inTouch, came from Saudi Arabia to present his work as well as Jamie Allen who traveled from the UK was there.  Hisao Ihara displayed a beautiful video piece and Miya Masaoka performed her LED kimono piece in collaboration with her daughter Mariko: a gorgeous, performance, to say the least.  My work, which I didn’t seem to get any documentation (yet) of, went well, despite a last minute broken trigger. Seems my recent work in Aikido and Noh paid off as I used the moment to focus on the movement and not worry so much about the electronics.  I centered myself, allowed the music to follow my movement, and remembered the circular movements of Aikido.  I imagined the many invisible webs that connected me to the audience.  I’m excited to get this piece developed…  this is, after all, the reason why I’m here…

getting the Art Gallery ready...just 2 days before...

Zachary Seldess, preparing...

Zachary and helpers getting the camera just right

Yokohama a la nuit

Mariko, getting ready to perform

and the show is on! this one is about butterflies...

Zach's was quite popular, here, he's demonstrating to us how you can walk inside his 3D environment...amazing...

Jamie sweated it out, providing water and light for plants, and then devouring them later...

later, relieved and satisfied, we all went out to eat, eat, eat... in this shot, back row: Hisao Ihara, Max Abels' father, Max Abels, Jean-Marc Pelletier; front: Zachary Seldess, Miya Masaoka, me, Mariko


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