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walking towards Shinjuku, I see shadows...

fading away...into the night...

Winter: a time for hibernation, for reflection, for internal growth and cleaning.  Like the bare trees, vulnerably courageous, I am using this time to sit, be calm and not take too much external action.  Right now, I’m gathering all the energy from within, practicing for my next Noh lesson and being extra careful in the Aikido classes not to hurt myself.  This month is for sitting, reading, writing and catching up…

For now, here are some photos that reflect where I “am”.

This time, clear skies in Kamakura, but the sun was falling...

as the Buddha meditates...

...a glow illuminates the crown of his head...

the halo of wisdom

water meditation

...good night! oyasuminasai....

walked into a souvenir shop but these were "not for sale"... too bad...they were the best things in the shop...

The Tokyo Gymnasium. I love the shape of this building.

inside Hatomori-jinja...a small but densely packed shrine in Sendagaya



Guardian Lion, Hatomori-jinja

practing Noh, the sacred tree and the reflections of the other sacred trees...

Seirin-ji, a small shrine...

the dimming sun seems to reflect the Buddha's glow everywhere I go

Asakusa, Tokyo

Night falls on Asakusa, Tokyo


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