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Winter Training!  This is an intense time, the coldest time of year to put into practice all that we preach…exciting, unfolding realizations, letting go of attachments… so this is it folks.  Time to give.  Why wait?  Start now…  the Haitian disaster was an opportunity for people to let go of nationalities, and just give to the human race.

For now, just a short post, to let you know of some exciting activities coming up:

Feb. 26 & 27th:  at Studio Eve, 7:30, 6pm respectively.

I’ll be performing with the beautiful group Stringraphy, organized by Kazue Mizushima. Please contact me if you want more information.

March 8-15: I’ll be staying at the Kura Studio in Fukuoka.  I’m excited about this week-long residency where I’ll get to explore a new part of this amazing country. During my time there, I’ll be working on a new piece for moving-flutist, with a performance at the end of my stay.

March 16-20:  I’ll be at Wakayama University, working with Dr. Kumi Kato, who teaches environmental studies there.  Together we will be working on a new project with hopefully lasting collaborative ripples…

April 6th: The culmination of my JUSFC residency will involve a unique collaboration with several Japanese artists: Gagaku musicians, Nakamura Hitomi (hichiriki), Ishikawa Ko (sho), and Mizushima Kazue’s group Stringraphy. Together we will explore space, non-linear time, sound travel and musical vibrations inspired by a Japanese spiritually inspired folktale. Though a free event, please make a reservation on the IHouse website.

There’s more, but that’s all the info I have now…

lots to do!  Let’s go for it… together!

while of course: reflecting… here, my study of reflected trees… guess I just can’t wait for the blossoms to come. I’m already transfixed by the trees here…

trees reflected, Tokyo, near Hiro-o


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    • José Luis Greco
    • Posted January 27, 2010 at 12:17 pm
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    Jane, THIS is so beautiful: On the outside, you are disciplined and strong, simple, elegant, precise and concise. On the inside, you flow.
    And the reflected trees pictures: Wow!

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