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Believe it or not, but this 2nd part of my 6-month visit was actually fairly quiet. I spent a lot of time home, writing, reading, taking walks, practicing Aikido and Noh, organizing and planning.  Soon, the 3rd and final phase of this gorgeous moment in my life will begin. In Noh, there’s a concept (principle, aesthetic) called Johakyu.  It covers a wide definition so it’s complicated to try to explain here without going into great lengths the whole history and technique of Noh music, but in a nutshell, it’s mostly about form.  Jo could be like an “introduction”.  Ha is like the development.  Kyu is usually the finale or rapid ending.  This structure is common in most Noh, and adheres not only to the structure of a given play, but to each and every phrase.  It’s like a fractal… because it starts from the Johakyu of a breath and becomes as large as the entire day of Noh programming, in which the concept is applied to the structure of day-long presentations.

This concept was unknown to me when I began this blog, but now that I am able to reflect a little, I can see that my experience here has been –as well as continuing to transform into– a kind of Johakyu.  November and December, being the Jo, when I established a firm introduction, and sound foundation here in Japan.  Then January and February, a kind of quiet, introspective development, the Ha that is accelerating into the finale phase in March and April when I will literally live my own version of a “Grand Finale”, which will include a lot of traveling and concerts.

The Ha section of my trip will kick off starting March 8th, when I begin a mini-residency at the Studio Kura, in lovely Fukuoka.  During that time, I hope to create a new piece which will hopefully be premiered, or at least partially premiered in the gallery on March 14th.

From Mar. 15-19, I will be staying in Wakayama, working and planning with Dr. Kumi Kato, an environmentalist and wonderful person.

From Mar. 20-25, I’ll be residing in Kyoto. During this time, I plan to work more diligently on developing my new work as well as relax in the gardens and temples.  Hopefully, I’ll take a day-trip to Nara…returning to the divine city I visited back in December.  This time, hopefully with some flowers.

From Mar. 26-28, I will perform twice and sight-see Osaka.  On the 26th, I’ll be playing with Tim Olive, guitar/electronic musician (though on that night we’ll be going acoustic!), and Reiko Imanishi on koto.  On the 27th, I’ll be playing at the Cypher cafe at 4pm.  Thanks to Jerry Gordon for organizing that.  Should be really nice!

I return to Tokyo with a sure-to-be-spectacular show with the amazing cellist, More-Shige and percussionist Marcos Fernandez in Yokohama on March 31st.

April will be amazing… but let’s take this one month at a time…after all, February isn’t even over.  So technically, this is still the “HA” phase anyway, so I won’t get too much ahead of myself…


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    • José Luis Greco
    • Posted February 24, 2010 at 10:42 am
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    Nice to have you back! Your ‘long’ silence was intriguing.

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