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As of yesterday, Part 3, the final part of my stay in Japan, begins.  Officially, my fellowship will end on April 6th, with my performance at the International House of Japan.  But I will use my savings to continue nurturing my relationships with the artists I’ve met as well as travel and play at least 3 more concerts after the I House show… more details to come shortly.

My Noh Sensei(s) (teachers) are a Mother-Daughter team Uzawa Hisa, and Uzawa Hikaru.  Here’s their link.

Though it’s all in Japanese, you can click around and see their photos … they are giving me a crash course in Noh Shimai (dance/vocals) and I’m so honored to work with them.  Their generosity and graciousness, as well as interest in what I do is extremely humbling and inspiring.  Through studying Noh, I am learning more about the space and time within me.  I’m learning how to contain emotion; to express emotion with simplicity, line, flow and grace, rather than my usual way of emoting histrionically.  What is “theatrics” anyway?  My sense of drama was (still is) extremely one-dimensional.  I’m learning that depth of emotion and expression can be inherent in a simple act such as picking up a pen, a fan…or perhaps a flute.  Flow, resistance, tension and release is already is inherent in the smallest of actions, and there is no need to move (or “try” to express) more than necessary.

“Simplicity is elegance.”

Simplicity of emotion, simplicity of movement, simplicity of words, simplicity of action.  Keeping it all clear. Pure. Clearing the mind.  This is my goal at least for now.  To obtain this clarity of mind.

As I pack my bags for a 3-week trip, I will focus each step on this kind of elegance.


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