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Finally quiet and trying to focus.  I’m creating a few “electronic etudes”, very short pieces inspired by the many recordings I’ve taken during that past few months.  I can’t seem to escape the cars, trucks or planes no matter where I go. Even here, in the “countryside” of Fukuoka, the 120 year-old house I’m staying in is located next to a highway that is busy 24 hours a day.  So, I’m doing my best, with the materials at hand to create a few pieces and turn my life experiences into “studies of sound”. Here is a few I’m willing to share at this point.  They are both inspired by sounds from the Chihan House, in the Izu Peninsula where I stayed in February.

Looking forward to hearing your comments.

Thanks for listening.



view from my window at the Kura Studio

view from my window

inside the studio

view from inside the studio



  1. Very nice musique concrète. From my opinion, the voices at the beginning of etude 2 would sound better without granular effects if it’s so.
    Rather than trying to escape the cars, trucks etc. you might make a piece with them !



    • thanks for the encouragement Ninh! actually, there is no “granular effects”, I was just playing w/the the rhythms of the recording…and I also think the bass effect of the cars/trucks are quite nice and I could use even more of them! 😉 I appreciate your listening!

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