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Being in Fukuoka was extremely productive.  During this time, I stayed in the studio of visual artist Hirofumi Matsuzaki at Studio Kura.  Soon, I’ll post the video of the concert, but in the meantime, here’s another piece I worked on while there. This is a work for 3 piccolos. I recorded an improvisation late at night in their rice warehouse, and later edited it for 3 piccolos. It may sound like there’s sound processing or some kind of electronic manipulation, but in actuality 3 piccolo players without any electronics and using only their instruments, breath and voice could recreate this piece.  I’m still thinking of a title… any ideas?3 Piccolos @ Studio Kura

More photos too…

Party before the show!


Everyone together!

A happy volunteer conducts

trying to convince Grandma to play too. She preferred to laugh and enjoy from the sidelines.

and now Presenting the Studio Kura Ensemble!

Peter Krauss prensents his first exhibit of Urushi here in Japan! Beautiful work!

Relaxing after the show with friends

some couldn't stop playing! awesome...


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