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and now it’s March 23rd: officially Spring.  Today I’ve updated the Sakura events. Being here in Kyoto for a second time is magical.  The city is transformed and the trees are just beginning to bloom. Those trees that have not yet bloomed have a Pink Shadow to them; their branches are filled with bright pink buds, predicting what is to come.  Please enjoy…


Ok, I confess.  Here are some of the reasons why I chose to wait until late last year to begin my residency in Japan:  save money for the trip (check!), avoid another harsh NY-style winter (phew! check!), develop more contacts before arriving, study Japanese, practice in Japan for the Buddhist Winter Training period (check 3!), and…last but not least: experience the Sakura!! The Era of Cherry Blossoms has arrived!

It’s been a long wait for me, more than 4 months… but here they are, finally coming out… it’s utterly breathtaking.  These photos are a series starting in Wakayama… plenty more to come.  The luminosity of the petals is overwhelming. These were all taken on the grounds of the Wakayama castle.  Kyoto, here I come…



  1. Oh wow, Jane! These pictures make me so happy. And you are just amazing, a bit of a force of nature yourself.

  2. hey jane
    sound like you´re doing well…
    🙂 I´m pretty fine here….

    Nice Bamboo fotos…
    by the way…how is the Improvisers scene in Japan? DId you meet some people?

    best from cologne
    later, seb

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