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Here’s a list of the next concert before I leave.  I’m really looking forward to each of them and playing with spectacular musicians…
March 26: Osaka, Chef d’Oeuvre, 7:30pm, 1000 yen. (〒550-0011大阪市西区阿波座1-9-12 (Awaza 1-9-12 Nishiku Osaka city); tel/fax: 06-6533-0770).  “Existence: Tubes & Strings” with Reiko Imanishi (koto) & Tim Olive (guitar) and Shin’ichi Isohata (guitar)

March 27: Osaka, Cypher Cafe, 4pm, donation. Click on Cypher Cafe link for more info.

March 31: Yokohama, Shichoushitsu Sono 2 • 試聴室その2,  7:30pm, with Marcos Fernandes (perc), Mori Shige (cello)

April 6: Tokyo,   International House of Japan 7pm, free with reservation.  Moving Sounds: Connecting Cultural Threads. Jane Rigler and Friends.  Call 03-3470-3211 or email at the website.

April 18: Niigata, Sakyukan Gallery, 4pm, 2,000 yen.  With Butoh performer Hisako Horikawa. more details coming soon.

April 24: Tokyo, Koen Doori Classic, 6:30pm, 3,000 yen. With Christopher Blasdel, shakuhachi, Mika Kimula, voice, Hitomi Nakamura, hichiriki and Kazue Tajima, sho.  more details coming soon, or click on site.

April 28: Tokyo, Kid Ailack Concert Hall, 7:30pm, 2500 yen. With Tetsu Saitoh, contrabass. See website for more details


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