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Looks like I got a review in the Wakayama post!  Although I haven’t gotten it translated yet, my friend Kumi mentioned they were all happy…so it seems like a good review.  At least the photo is good!


Free Improvisation is alive and thriving in Osaka.  I played 2 totally different concerts back-to-back each one in a cafe in the center of the city.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience to meet new people, be challenged musically and create new friendships.  The first night on Mar. 26th, with Reiko Imanishi (koto), Shin’ichi Isohata (guitar) and Tim Olive (guitar) involved 3 duos (me with each of them) and then a final quartet.  Each duo explored uncharted musical territory, from bouncing fragments of quasi melodic fragments to tearing apart all concepts of recognized sonic patterns to reinventing ancient melodies.  I think we were all surprised by the music, by the quality, intensity and depth of it.

The 27th was a surprising evening where if I may be permitted to describe it as “Japanese” in the sense that about 20 people were literally squeezed into a tiny (all organic, vegetarian) cafe to enjoy several hours of music (probably stretched out to around 4 total of “hanging out”).  People didn’t seem to mind waiting. Although everyone was practically sitting on each other’s lap or crawling over other people, no one seemed uncomfortable.  The closeness, or rather, intimacy of the evening provided an opportunity for almost everyone to talk and meet.  This friendly, open environment is conducive to this free improvisation music, which requires patience, an open mind, and lots of good vibes, all of which were in abundance.

I look forward to keeping in touch with the Osaka Free Improvisation scene.  It certainly has provided me another rich opportunity for performing and reflection about music in space and community.

photos coming soon…


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  1. Hello,

    I came across your blog by Googling my old friend Nobuko Awaya. Nobuko and I were friends when we both lived in Seattle, and she and her family visited us here in New Mexico several years ago. We have been out of touch and I thought you might be able to provide me with her email address or other contact information. This evening I was talking with someone who would like to bring Native American artists to Japan and I thought of Nobuko.

    Many thanks. I enjoyed the beautiful pictures on your blog.


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