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Dear friends,

I’ve only barely returned from Niigata and Sado Island, and I have so much to share with you.  Later, more info will be posted about the wonderfully magical concert at the Sakyukan (in Niigata city) with Hisako Horikawa, but for now, let’s explore the Onidaiko Matsuri, the oni (demon)/shishi (lion) festival (actually, many festivals held at once throughout the island).  Here’s a great blog that explains some of the history.

Hisako Horikawa, Michele Kong and I rented a car and drove all around the island, chasing the festivities that were taking place in practically every small town…Although the weather was freezing, alternating rain, sun, hail, wind (this is spring?), we were warmed by the many charming people, who seemed thrilled we were there.  They graciously welcomed us, not only to join them in their house-to-house visits, but they offered us their food, and often invited us (complete strangers) into their homes.  The drumming and dancing was spectacular, the food divine, and the festivities intense and exciting…

Some of the places we explored:  The Ryotsu Port area, Hiramatsu, Takachi, Ishi-Hanabi, Ishige, Mianmi-katabe, Shimbo, Saruhachi, Oda, Oda-Nishi…

I’m not sure yet just how deeply or in what way these experiences have affected me.  I only know, without a doubt, that something in me is permanently altered!  Soon, I’ll post some videos from those few days…


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  1. Can you recommend a good place for me and my boyfriend to stay on Sado Island? We are going to 2 days. Any suggestions would be great! thanks

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