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Jane Rigler is a flutist, composer, educator, lecturer and performer.  She is a recipient of the JUSFC fellowship for 2009 which allows her to live in Japan for 6 months. During her residency (from Nov. 4 to May 1st 2010) she’ll be working with dancers, electronic musicians, gagaku musicians, improvisers, environmentalists and visual artists.  This blog will document her travels around the country as she visits Buddhist temples, eats great food and nurtures many wonderful new collaborations and friendships.  Meditation comes in many forms…



  1. Hey Jane, I’m following your adventures. Sounds terrific. You’re having such great experiences because you’re one hell of a gal! I’ll be in NY in late April. Will you be back by then?
    Luv ya,
    José Luis

  2. hey Mate,
    I am trying to keep up with you. What a wonderful life you are documenting. Very envious. Hope you are having a wonderful fulfilling time and meeting lots of great people. Your faces is glowing so I guess I’m right. Merry Xmas, Happy Hanuka and Happy New Year. Thinking of you often. Lots of love from the Luski’s.

    Love Tamara xxxxx

  3. Hello!

    My name is Pearl Alexander, I’m a bassist who used to live in Niigata and I performed with Hisako Horikawa. I moved to Tokyo near Shibuya about 6 months ago. I was classically trained at U of Michigan, but I play mostly improvisation now.

    I apologize for emailing you so suddenly, but I happened to find your blog after seeing your name listed for a performance with Mori Shige in March. Then I looked at your blog and saw pictures of Satoh-san from Fukui! I was very surprised. I realized you are the flutist Hisako told me about who would visit Niigata this year. How did you enjoy your stay in Niigata? Fukui is a truly magical place I think.

    I hope you are enjoying your stay in Japan so far and hopefully I can attend one of your performances sometime.



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